Tuesday, May 17, 2011

On the Cusp

It's not summer yet. The weather here is still pretty unstable and it can't quite decide if it wants to warm up. We've had warm days, but they've been followed by cold spells. Today seems bright and sunny so far and I'm hoping for a little bit of summer. The kids get out of school tomorrow and we're going to be visiting family for a bit, so I won't be posting for about a week and a half - maybe two.

I'll leave you with a cute little dress form that is super easy to make. All you need is some different types of ribbons/lace, a dress form (chipboard will do, it doesn't have to be padded), Beacon Adhesives Fabri-Tac and some embellishments of your choice. The dress form I used is from Ooh LaLa Design Originals.

You can click on the tutorial strip to make it a bit bigger if you like.
1. Choose a wide ribbon that takes folds fairly well. I used one that is wired. Put Fabri-Tac in a line across the bottom part of the form and fold the ribbon over it.
2. Do the same thing right above it to make a tiered skirt.
3. Use some thin ribbon for the under-bodice, just wrap it around and around, securing the ends with a dab of Fabri-Tac.
4. Pick some nice lace that will form the outer-bodice. Just secure it in the back - pull it tightly so it doesn't sag.
5. Use some decorative trim for the waist/belt and secure it in the back as well.

6. Embellish with flowers, pearls, gems, etc. I made a "price tag" for the sentiment using Spellbinders Labels Four. The paper I used was glossy, so I heat embossed the stamp so it wouldn't smear.

You can use these on cards or they can be incorporated into any home decor. They can also stand alone - you can make a stand for them or make them into ornaments and hang them. As you can see, the possibilities are endless with colors and patterns. These are a lot of fun :)

Well, thanks for taking a peek!


  1. My grandaughter will love making some of these on her visit her for the summer. So cute.....

  2. Oh cute, I have done a couple but havent gone to this extent yet. I love the fact that it is padded, and would love to know exactly what that is? Maybe something I can pick up at HL?

  3. Such a cute project, Amy! Summer break already? School here goes until June 16!

  4. Hi Amy, just wanted to let you know that you inspired me to do a couple of dress forms myself, just loaded them to my blog and gave your credit for the inspiration! Thanks again!

  5. Fun project, Amy! Enjoy your summer! :)