Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My Favorite Pumpkins

I mentioned before that I love pumpkins.

Now, I love the traditional looking pumpkins, but I REALLY enjoy doing the not-so-traditional kind as well. I actually own a set of nested pumpkin dies and I do use them. However, this is how I make my favorite pumpkins - out of eggs!

Yep, these are actually "Nested Egg" dies from Spellbinders. I love cutting out all sorts of lovely Easter eggy goodness in the spring, but these babies pull a double duty by letting me make pumpkins in the fall.

I like to cut out a whole bunch of these, so I use various shades of orange/gold/yellow cardstock and different scraps of patterned papers of the same color scheme. I like to emboss the cardstock pieces for some texture as well. Then, I can take any three I want and create a pumpkin. I position the bottom two first, angling them out slightly and touching a bit. I take the top middle egg and adhere it over the others with foam dots. Then, I cut a but of a stem out of patterned, embossed or glittery green paper. Or - like one card below - I use stuff like gems, buttons, etc.
Sometimes I ink over the embossing and sometimes I leave it plain. The fun part of these is finding out just how many combinations you can come up with!

Thanks for taking a peek :)

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