Saturday, August 1, 2009

SNA Blog today

Hi my creative peeps! Today is my blog day at Scrap 'n Art, so go check out the post and card I made! ☺ I had some fun making custom stamped paper, one of my absolute fav things to do. This is just a little peek at the card on today's post.
Today after Levi gets off work, we're planning on taking the kids to the county fair! They only get to go on one carnival ride, but they're super excited. They can't wait to see all the animals and they're especially psyched to see the bunnies for some reason. This fair is way smaller and shorter than the one I am used to (Scottsbluff Co Fair) but it's a fun time.
In scrappy news, I'm waiting for a HL 40% off coupon so I can go get another paper trimmer. Mine is so old and has never worked well. Now I can't even easily find the blades for it because Fiskars seems to be phasing out this model. So good riddance! I'm leaning towards the Cutterpede because I don't want something huge or too expensive. So come on 40% off!

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