Saturday, July 24, 2010

Some Kitchen Decor

My kitchen is kind of retro. Not really because I designed it that way or because I just love retro kitchens. It's that way because it hasn't been updated since retro was...born. I've got a black and white checkerboard tile floor like you'd see at a 50's diner, 3 diamond shapes on the wall above the stove - which is itself QUITE old. I've got one of those old metal sink cabinets that the sink is enclosed in. Well, you get the picture. I think my kitchen is kind of interesting, although not exactly how I would choose to do it if I had a choice. Since I don't have a choice, I thought it was about time I started embracing it!

I made this funky little kitchen decor a while back. I picked up the birdhouse frame at Hobby Lobby for about $1 when it was clearanced by 85%. It used to be soft pink, purple and green, so I painted it and used a lot of Crackle Medium.

I used canvas by Canvas Corp (the burlap stretched frame is from them as well) to stamp on. It was surprising how well the canvas took to stamping. I also got those cute little clothespins from Canvas Corp, they're a pretty awesome company!

The stamped images are by Crafty Secrets "Tea & Coffee." I get so much use out of that set. There are a ton of amazing images along with a lot of cute sentiments. I highly recommend it. I made the coffee cups and the coffee pot images epoxy (shiny, raised and protected) by using a lot of Diamond Glaze. So if they happen to get wet (it is a kitchen, after all) they will be just fine.

Thanks for taking a peek, maybe sometime soon I'll find some more decor I can re-purpose for my kitchen. :)

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  1. That's a great way to personalise your kitchen decor - you are very creative with your use of materials. Love it!