Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Anyone remember that pivotal scrapbook issue a few years back that featured a white paper doily on the cover project? After that, doilies were everywhere! I happen to remember that moment because I had submitted items a year prior to that which featured doilies - even to that same magazine. Now, I'm not saying anyone copied my stuff. It's just funny to me how trends work! At any given moment, artists all over the world are coming up with new trends. Sometimes they last and sometimes they fade quickly. I'm just happy that the doily is here to stay. :) I just purchased the "Delightful Doilies" stamp set from Papertrey Ink. I got my package yesterday and so I had to crank out something to show for it. Here is what I came up with.

The doilies come in different sizes that you mix and match. There are the small centers, the medium middles that go around them and the large outside borders. I have to say these are TONS of fun! I can see myself using them for all sorts of layouts and cards.

That's all for today - just wanted to poke my head in and talk about doilies for a minute. ;)


  1. I love doilies too! I actually started using them because my husband bought me a pkg. of heart-shaped doilies at Dollar Tree. After that, I started using them all the time and even buying my own pkgs. of them! I always buy heart-shaped ones, though because most of my layouts are love and romance themed!
    That's a beautiful layout you made! That shade of blue brings out the colors in that photo so well!

  2. Beautiful LO! I can't wait to see what you else you do with those stamps!