Friday, July 27, 2012

Dollhouse Beds

My daughter has a giant dollhouse.
A few years ago, my dad custom made it and it pretty much takes up most of her room. Alexis didn't start out with much in the way of furnishings, but over the years, we've remedied that with a few birthday/Christmas gifts and some craftiness. We found out that the store made doll beds don't tend to last long and we've glued one back together at least five times. Instead, we decided to make our own and we loved them so much that Alexis now has more beds than dolls!

First of all, we started out with half of a check box (the boxes that bank checks come in). Most of the beds we've made are just stand alone check boxes, but on this one, I had the perfect "headboard" - a chipboard piece that was shaped like a house. I glued the "headboard" to the box with Beacon Adhesives Fabri-tac.
After the glue had set, I picked out a May Arts ribbon for my "dust ruffle" and glued it around the bottom of the bed. The pleats really make it look like a dust ruffle!
Next, I took another piece of trim and adhered it on the top of the bed sides. I also added a rub-on to the headboard.
After I had the bed made, I went piddling around my craft drawers looking for something to make a pillow and comforter out of. I happened upon a square of deep aqua felt, an old pink kid's sock and some flowery and lacy trims.

For the pillow, I cut the sock in half (until it was as long as I needed to match the bed) and filled it with some extra fabric. I glued the end shut with Fabri-tac and then adhered the pink floral ribbon around it. That floral ribbon is AMAZING and it's from May Arts.

For the blanket, I cut pieces of lacy trim to match three sides and adhered them with my trusty Fabri-Tac.
Then I cut out one of the flowers from the flower ribbon and adhered it to the center.

And here's the finished bed & bedding!
So inexpensive, easy and a lot of fun. There are so many possibilities with these - we've used pom pom trim, elegant lace, embossed paper - you name it. Here's the bed inside one of the dollhouse rooms we've decorated.
Thanks for taking a peek!

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