Monday, August 9, 2010

Back to School!

It's that time again. A week from now, the kiddos will be starting their new school year and a week after that, I start classes. We have open house for the kids' elementary school this week, and because they just received their teacher assignments, I decided to make cards to give out at open house. Both are THRILLED with their new teachers ☺

For the teacher cards, both of them requested a book on the front. I made a card for their children's' librarians who work at our public library last year featuring a book and they both remembered it! I have to say that these books are fun :) And the best part is that they're so simple.

To make the books, I used Spellbinders Labels 7. I used the second to the largest for the "cover" and the next smallest for the "pages." I stamped some text on both sides of the front pages and curled up the edges a bit. I simply adhered a ribbon behind the pages to act as a bookmark. Easy as pie.

The first one is for Alexis' teacher - a teacher she loves dearly. This teacher was Micah's first grade teacher and Alexis' kindergarten teacher. Just so happens that she switched to second grade this year and has Alexis again!

This card is for Micah's teacher, a very nice man. His wife teaches the other fourth grade class, how neat is that? I used star stickers like teachers use on students' papers for a more masculine embellishment for this card.

I used lined paper from Nikki Sivils' "Henry's Brilliance" collection. The text I used is from a Hot Off the Press background stamp - I just inked the parts I needed. The ruler ribbon is vintage, my mom had it stored away from a long time ago.
The fun thing about these Spellbinders labels is that you can make little books as well. I made little Gospel books for my Sunday School class last fall and they wrote the week's Gospel reading inside. They got to assemble them, I just made everything ahead of time. If you don't want to make a book, these also look great just as a label on a card. Very fun and versatile. Thanks for taking a peek!

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