Thursday, August 26, 2010

Stamping Technique: Masking

One fun way to change up the look of your stamping is to use masking. If you're familiar with how masking works with color sprays and paints, you'll notice that masking with stamps is very similar.

First of all, what shape do you want? Do you want stamping around a blank shape? If so, use a die cut of that shape (a mask) and place it on the paper you will be stamping on. Then you can stamp over the shape onto the paper below. When you lift up the shape, the blank area will remain.

Another way of masking is using the negative of a shape, in this case, a square.
To do this:
1. I used my Spellbinders Classic Squares Large and cut a square out of the center of a strip of paper.
2. Using the largest of the new
Eyelet Square dies from Spellbinders, I took the square I had cut and traced around it making a frame inside the Eyelet Square. This allowed me to see where the center of the Eyelet Square was when using my mask.
3. I took the mask (the strip with the square cut out) and put the opening where I had traced the outline.
4. Using different colors of ink on a text stamp, I stamped three times. I then stamped a "thank you" sentiment over the top in black.

The text stamp I used was much longer than the square, but by using the mask, I was able to get it only where I wanted it.

Thanks for taking a peek!

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