Saturday, April 3, 2010

Spring Fever

Well, I don't really have a great excuse for being MIA; I suppose I should chalk it up to Spring fever and the general business of life. There are only a month's worth of classes left before finals week, and so a lot of projects and big assignments are looming on the horizon. The last few days, we've been preparing for Pascha (Easter) as well, and I'm excited to go to church tonight! The kids always think it's cool to have church when they should be in bed, and then the feast afterward at about 1AM is pretty fun as well.

My family is Orthodox Christian, so that's why we celebrate Pascha - in case you were wondering. ☺ I hope that you all have a wonderful Pascha/Easter as well!

Today, I'd like to share a card that was on the SNA blog a while back. I used a technique that I find myself using more and more - layered edges. You can layer all sorts of edges: torn edges, punched edges, even straight edges. This card is six inches long and so I grabbed scraps that were twelve inches long. That way I could punch along the entire edge and cut it in half for two identical borders. After I punched the borders, I cut them so there was about one inch above the punched portion. I adhered the layers, only using adhesive on the non-punched sections. After the adhesive dried, I fluffed up the punched part of the border and finished off my card. Pretty easy, huh?

Try layering different types of borders and see what you can come up with.

Cardstock: Couture Cardstock ” H2O: Oasis, Seduction: The Other Woman, Silk Road: Nomad”; Adhesive: Beacon Adhesives “Zip Dry”; Paper: Jillibean Soup Talk Soup “Chit Chat”; Embellishments: Blumenthal Lansing Favorite Findings “Garden Gems”; Ribbon: Ribbon FX; Tools: Martha Stewart Crafts edge punch “Lattice Arch”