Saturday, March 21, 2009


Sorry I wasn't here posting this past week. It's our down time from Scrap 'n Art and I was just taking a bit of a breather. Not to mention I worked tues-friday this week, and the kids were also on Spring break. So it was a bit hectic!

Here are a few late photos from the last few weeks. Micah's birthday party where they made cookie pizzas and the Spring Mooosical.

I've been making some more Mothers Day cards lately, I might get those uploaded this weekend sometime.


  1. Your cards are gorgeous! WOW, I'm just starting to make cards and you are so inspiring. If you have any tips, tricks, techniques, or advice for a newbie card maker, it would be appreciated! Once again, beautiful work!

  2. i meant to post that with the cards, sorry!