Thursday, March 12, 2009

More Chicks!

I had several people who really liked the chick, so here is a quick and easy tutorial for how I made it along with another to share :)

First I free hand drew a chick shape onto yellow paper. Then I cut it out with my scissors and applied an even layer of glue. I like using Aleen's clear gel tacky glue for flocking.

Then I dumped on a whole bunch of white flock. I didn't have yellow, but the white over yellow worked well for the chick anyway. I pressed it down so the flock was well adhered to the chick.

Then I tapped off all the excess flocking and put it back into it's container. I wanted the chick to have eyelashes, so I stuck the googly eye to a small daisy punch out.
Then I used the Tacky glue to glue on my embellishments!

Here is another chicky I made this week. I made this one hatching out of an egg. For the egg, I traced around the chick (top and bottom) on plain white paper with a black pen. This was so the egg would fit perfectly on top when cut out. Then I applied a thick layer of Glossy Accents by Ranger. I waited for it to dry and then cut around the edges. Cutting around it cracks up the glossy surface a bit, so I got my cracked eggshell look quite easily!

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