Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Zooming towards the 21st Century

After yesterday's wonderful mail day for me, I wasn't expecting anything to come today. However, we received our extra ram we ordered for our computer! Now, you might think that we needed to soup up our computer so we can let Micah play all his fast paced games or so I can finally get Photoshop or something like that. Nope, we just needed to get our computer up to date so it can run......McAfee. That's right, our computer is so OLD that it couldn't even run McAfee without taking up 95 CPU. How sad.
Now we have a whole honkin' 1G of ram. The really sad part is that the new computers at Best Buy nearly all had 8G of ram and that was totally standard. Oh well, it's working fine now and I really can't complain because it's been a great computer these last 8 years.

On a good note, today was BEAUTIFUL in the high 60's. I guess my card worked! I picked up another can of Watermelon Krylon spray paint from HL so I could finish painting some more of Alexis' doll house walls. We got the 3rd floor and the staircase looking Now I can do some more decorating with my scrappin' stuff.

Here's a card I did this past weekend. I'm really into yellow and blue and yellow and red lately.

Well, hope you all had a good day, time for Micah to finish up his online homework!

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