Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Finals are over, I've finished all my Scrap 'n Art projects for the July/August issue, Mothers Day cards/birthday cards/anniversary cards are done and mailed, and now HOPEFULLY I will have some time to make cards for fun for a while :)
I ended up making 15 Mothers Day cards, I'm not sure if they all sold yet, I have to get to the store tomorrow to find out. About 5 days before Mothers Day, the owner called telling me that my first batch had run out so I had to make some more and run them over.

I would love to get involved in teaching some workshops this summer, but not sure if I will. I really wish our Hobby Lobby did classes, I would love to teach there! All the employees probably know me by name anyway :)

Well, hopefully I will be posting creations tomorrow. bye!

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